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Friday in Seattle Terri will be. Running your game without her will you be? Or Star Wars run shall I? Strong am I in the Force, but strong enough to know am I not.

Anyway. If Elli doesn't wish to run without Terri, I'll run SW -- at my place, same plan as if I was running it Saturday night.

If Elli DOES want to run her game, I'm all for that. I ought to know tonight whether or not I can do Saturday as well.
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BTW, Elli -- find me a picture of Kasche. I've long since forgotten what he's supposed to look like. I have my own idea, but hell, you created him, so find me one. Or give me leave to do it myself, and be prepared for a radical departure.
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Ok, fine, you heathen bastards.

I'll run on the 25th, Sunday. Since all the players have Monday off, it can be either day or night, player majority decides.

And Matt, I'm holding you to the Chipotle. ;)
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Saturday the 24th is supposed supposed to be an ATSA Game night.

Um . . . no. There will be no game that night, because I want to go out for my birthday that night and if we game, we're shafting Terri.

I have considered just rescheduling it for later in the weekend, but to be honest, I'd prefer to just skip that week.

Since those absolute bastards Gregory, Matt, and Aaron will be gone the weekend of the 17th, and Elli will be gone the weekend of the 31st, it looks like we'll just end up having a ridiculously long break in which lots will happen behind the scenes. You poor sonsabitches.

You MIGHT be able to convince me to run on Sunday the 25th, but I'm kinda wonky about it. I'm still up for Elli's game on the 23rd, however.
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Star Wars: And All the Stars, Afire

Next Episode

". . . In All The Empty Places You Must Walk"

Lost Souls squadron has been sent to retrieve those who fled Coruscant and don't know where to go. The spacelanes are dangerous for New Republic vessels, but what they find in the dark places between the stars is something no spacer has seen in several thousand years.
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I know I promised you guys a cut-scene last week, but time has been short and when it wasn't, I forgot. I'll try to get it up today (I have no class this afternoon).
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Here's something no one has brought up . . . Issan Los had friends and family outside the Lost Souls Squadron.

Rest assured, I have not forgotten. Muahahahahahaha!

Also: I'm currently writing a short story, "Soft Rain", which concerns itself with the memorial for Ms. Los. So far it's good, if you'll pardon the self-congratulation.

Also, when I get home tonight I'll post the latest Cut-Scene, which overlaps with the last game session. (It happens while you were all en route to Borleias.)
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I have decided NOT to do the Universe-hopping plot I'd thought of doing, for the sole reason that it will muck with the plot too much. I don't mean the plot as told in the books, I mean the plot of my story.

See, I'm not sure it's even sunk in to the players yet, let alone the characters, but the PCs' world has collapsed. Allow me to talk to you as if you're the PCs for a moment. ;)

Your government is in shambles; your leader dead. The New Republic Defense Force is spread all over hell and back. The Jedi are dropping like flies. Worlds have fallen -- not just taken, but fallen. Starships full of refugees were slammed into Coruscant.

Billions of people escaped Coruscant before it fell. But billions more are left there, hiding, scrambling for their lives in a city that is falling apart, hunted by implacable foes who wish to enslave or kill them.

And in the middle of all this . . . is you.

For me to leave that story even for a few sessions would, in my opinion, rob it of all context, and rob the characters of all that opportunity to shine, to grow, and to be the heroes they are meant to be.

Also, it's a little too close to Elli's game. The universe-hopping can wait until much later, If ever.
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Without going into details:

I'd like at some point to leave the Yuuzhan Vong War behind for a bit and do some completely odd stories that will NOT be strictly Star Wars canon.

Would you be ok with this, or would you prefer to keep the Game Universe pure? I'm of mixed feelings, honestly -- I'd love to do it in a game, but I'm not convinced it won't rip the throat of the storyline apart.

Give me your thoughts, please.
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Game is at 5pm.

Prior to that, Matt is coming over somewhere between 10am and 1pm to watch the final Season 1 episodes of Babylon 5. Anyone is welcome to come, and I'll even answer questions if you've not seen them up to then.

The bonus to Season 1 is that, really, most of the eps are throwaways that serve mainly to introduce you to the characters. I can catch you up, though it is generally more fun to watch the episodes (except for Infection, which is largely hokey as all hell.)
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“ . . . In short, Senator Akala, I cannot divert the Third Fleet elements to your world. I understand the fear of your constituents, but the entirety of the New Republic Defense Forces are currently guarding targets much more at risk than Giva. I—pause recording.” Borsk Fey’lya looked up at the human who had just entered his offices. “Have a seat, General Tomas.”
The General remained standing, his face grave. “I’m sorry to report, sir, that Reecee has fallen. There is a Yuuzhan Vong fleet massing there as well as Borleias.”
Fey’lya’s eyes wandered to the holomap of the galaxy that hovered over his desk. As each world had fallen to the Yuuzhan Vong invaders, its representation had turned red. Too many red lights blinked in that tiny model, too many worlds had fallen to the enemy. “They’ve got us in a pincer.”
“Yes, sir.”
“Send out the recall message.” That pre-arranged message would recall several fleet elements in nearby space. When the Vong reached Coruscant, they’d find over half the New Republic Fleet waiting for them.
As General Garv Tomas left to follow his orders, Borsk rose and went to his window, thinking. Even if the NRDF managed to repel the invaders, billions would die. If they failed to protect the capital, then billions more would die. In any case, Borsk knew one thing. His career was over. He’d played the best game of dejarik1 he could, and he’d been bested. But there was still one final move to make.
Fey’lya moved to the communications console, turning his face away from the window as he did so. “Doctor Imala, please come to my office.”

*dejarik is that chess-like game played by Chewbacca and Threepio in the first SW movie. It's quite popular even "today"


Feb. 10th, 2003 02:13 pm
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I might have missed it, so appologies in advance...

This Sat should be a game Sat. Is it still on??

..end of line
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Q: Can the Sense Surroundings ability of the Sense feat (found in the Power of the Jedi Sourcebook) allow the Jedi to get a clear picture of their area without line of sight? That is, can you see through walls, or things that people are hiding behind?

A: Basically, yes. You can use it to tell where people are in an area. It's not perfect -- it won't tell you what the person is carrying, or even necessarily what species the person is. But you'd get broad impressions like "someone Large is hiding behind that crate" or "several people are lurking in the shadows around us."
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Please give me (in EMAIL, NOT on this board) the answers to the following:

1) What is your character's primary goal now? How about the Secondary? Don't give me "Find a way to win the war", I want concrete goals that go beyond the mission and the war.

2) Now, what's your character's goal IN the war? Annihilation of the Yuuzhan Vong? Peace? What?

3) Who is MOST important to your character at this point in the game. Give me a real person, whether it's your creation or one of my NPC characters.

4) Out of Game question: How willing are you to play in another Science Fiction game with me running (once this one is done)? Would you prefer a hard SF, Space Opera, or Modern-day SF setting? To help, I break it down this way: Hard SF would be very technical, real-world physics. Space Opera would be, well, as an example (not something I'd run) Star Trek, Doctor Who, or Babylon 5. (I may someday try another B5 campaign, but not until AFTER all of the players have seen the entire series, for it will be set after the series finale). Modern SF would be something like Stargate SG-1.
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So. 5pm Saturday? My house? Yes/no?
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Just so we're all clear:

Next Game: February 1st.
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Chief of State orders Arrest of Jedi Leaders

Chief of State Borsk Fey'lya today ordered the arrest of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker and his wife, Master Mara Jade-Skywalker. The Chief of State's office would only say that Masters Skywalker refused to submit the Jedi to New Republic Military orders, and were declared traitors as a consequence.

Luke Skywalker and his wife fled Coruscant aboard their private vessel. Sources within the government suggest they had help from Jedi-friendly factions within the military structure.

Jedi Academy hit by Yuuzhan Vong forces?

Sources are claiming the Yuuzhan Vong attacked and toppled the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin IV earlier this week. The attack is said to have been supported by Peace Brigade elements. When reached for comment, the Peace Brigade spokesbeings vehemently denied this charge, and stated that no such action was undertaken by the Peace Brigade or Yuuzhan Vong forces. With the truce unraveling day by day, no one can verify this charge accurately.

Jedi Attacks growing

Attacks on Jedi are increasing throughout New Republic space, as citizens convinced the Yuuzhan Vong will honor the truce are taking it upon themselves to round up Jedi to hand over to the extra-galactic invaders.

Peace Brigade members, as well as others, continue to put forth the idea that the Jedi are heavy-handed dispensers of justice with more regard for their own power than the people they ostensibly serve. Putting the lie to these actions is the fact that no deaths have been reported among those unsuccessfuly attempting to capture Jedi.

Unfortunately, many Jedi have fallen to these attacks, as well.
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This is what's coming in 2003:

In January, we have a 160-page full-color "galactic gazetteer" called Coruscant and the Core Worlds, which takes a very detailed look at more than two dozen planets, including Coruscant (duh!), Corellia, and Kuat, not to mention a few never-before-seen planets. The book is intended both for players and GMs and covers all eras of play. In addition to general information about each world, the product also includes lots of "crunchy game stuff," including pregenerated NPCs and "world stats" for GMs and new feats and gear for players.

In April, we release the Ultimate Alien Anthology, a 224-page full-color hardcover. Honestly, I wasn't blown away by the first Alien Anthology, which included about 50 sentient aliens and 50 nonsentient creatures in a softcover format. I also didn't care for the organization of the alien entries or the mix of film photos and illustrations. The Ultimate Alien Anthology includes 180 sentient aliens (including Episode II aliens), all playable as heroes or GM characters. We've taken out the nonsentient creatures and plan to compile them in a different book designed more for GMs. The Ultimate Alien Anthology adopts the revised rulebook's more user-friendly format for describing alien species (with sections on Physical Description, Personality, Homeworld, Language, Species Traits, and so on). Also, every alien gets a new illustration. At the back of the book, we have a chapter of new prestige classes (each with its own illustration) and an appendix of new alien-specific feats.

In June, we have the Hero's Guide, a 160-page full-color hardcover that provides new prestige classes, feats, combat tactics, Force traditions, and character options for players. The book is designed to help players create memorable Star Wars heroes and customize their characters' abilities. The book also includes variant class abilities, multiclass character archetypes (a concept first introduced in Star Wars Gamer magazine), alternative uses for skills, new equipment, and rules for cybernetics and martial arts.

In August, we release the counterpoint to the Hero's Guide -- a campaign-building book for Gamemasters. A lot of GMs want to know how to build and sustain a Star Wars Roleplaying Game campaign for heroes of 1st through 20th level. In addition to providing general tips and guidelines, the book includes dozens of useful tools and "house rules," as well as several ready-to-use adventure locations with maps (detention blocks, nightclubs, hangar bays - you name it).

We end 2003 with a 160-page full-cover hardcover book of ready-to-play adversaries -- specifically Star Wars creatures, droids, and villains. These creatures, constructs, and characters span all eras of play and include both familiar faces and new nemeses for players to overcome.
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