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Hrm. I'm having trouble remembering something ....

Vergere is still alive in my game, yes?
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Star Wars players:

When are you available for another session? This Friday is not clear, but Saturday evening is. If not this weekend, when? Gimme dates, kids! (Except Elli, who is *ahem* flexible.
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Whoops. I just realized that when I added [ profile] bridgeweaver to the member list, I turned off posting access for everyone else -- including me.

Anyway, welcome Chris to the "And All the Stars, Afire" family.
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Star Wars: And All the Stars, Afire
Episode XXVIX: "Midnight In the Silent Cities"

The recent events of the war have been hellish. However, since the fall of Coruscant and the battle of Borleias, the war has reached a pause. The New Republic takes this breathing space to attempt to elect a new Chief of State, and the members of Lost Souls Squadron take some well-earned rest before they begin the search for their missing member, Jedi Master Kasche Sarat. Issan Los has been returned to herself, shedding the Yuuzhan Vong-implanted personality of Shadra Tokk and once more taking her place among the Jedi. Military command of the Squad has been placed in Major Dassid, a position that does not sit well with him. Jedi Master Kal Cet'ri and Jedi Knight Keilara Vantuk have left the squadron to find a new path in the Galaxy, as their love for each other grows.

But in the dark places of the galaxy, things are beginning to stir that make even the Yuuzhan Vong threat pale in comparison. And this new threat will claim the life of at least one of the squad.

I'm not real happy with that blurb, but oh well -- it's the best I can do right now.

Date: 13 September 2003
Place: Terri's and my home, which is nameless so far.
WHEN: 5pm-Whenever we're too tired

If Colin and Chris can make it, GREAT. It'll be a good time to introduce them to the story. If they can't, that's ok, I can work them in at any time. I'm just that good.

Colin, Chris: If you intend to attend, let's get together soon and hash out/finalize characters.
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Aaron, Elizabeth: Can one of you refresh my memory of where we were last in ATSA? Not the Big Picture stuff; I know the state of the Republic and the general plot -- I mean, where were the characters? My notes don't show where in the current plot we left off.
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Your teacher and friend

Your other primary teacher, and ex-mercenary, Kyle Katarn

This is all you know about the Jensaarai, really:

The Jensaarai, upon obtaining the title of Defender, craft a special kind of body armor that is symbolic to their dedication to the way of the Jensaarai Defenders. A standard suit of body armor serves as a basic template for the armor's design, and from there the armor becomes as much of a part of the Jensaarai as any appendage. Spun cortosis fibers are carefully woven, using a combination of the Force as well as conventional tools, into a protective layer covering most of the outer portion of the armor. Once the basic shell has been coated with cortosis, the armor is then molded into the form of an animal that most exemplifies the Defender's dedication to the Jensaarai's cause. The majority of these designs are defensively-minded; most animals chosen are those that do not attack outright, but rather hide away and only attack if provoked beyond avoidance. The crafting of the armor is as much an art form as crafting a lightsaber, with an equal amount of Force dedication and skill required to complete the task.

There's a couple of powers and some skills/feats you have access to that I'll tell you about when we write up your character (I don't want others knowing what you can do yet; they've never met a Jensaarai other than Ismuth, and he didn't have them).

I also have the explanation why you know nothing about your Jensaarai clan:

Way back when, a young Jensaarai Defender, the son of the Saarai-kaar, went to the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader, to pledge his aid in wiping out the Jedi, still believing that it was the Jedi who were evil, and that Lord Vader was seeking to purge their evil from the Galaxy. Though they shared a few points of common philosophy, Lord Vader murdered the young man outright and sent his Jedi hunters to Susevfi to wipe out the Jensaarai, seeing them as a potential threat.

Your guardian fled with you, but your family was wiped out by the hunters, and you never got to know them. Weep for yourself. ;) You were trained in the fighting styles and armor/lightsaber creation skills, but not in the history of the Jensaarai. I'll give you more details later. :) Or not ... I like to hide things about characters' pasts and then spring them on them. :)

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Mental Journal, Day 37:

I'm heartily sick of this farking box.

The Jenda put me in here so I could control the nano-duplicate and rescue Issan from the Vong. That's done. But they won't let me out. And something in this damned thing is blocking me from the Force.

But . . . if that's the case, why was I able to call out to Issan? I mean, if they're blocking the Force, I shouldn't be able to fivefourthreetooneBOOMgoesthehuttshakalakalaka--

Dammit. That's happening more and more often. Pull yourself together, Kasche. You're needed. No one else knows what you do about the Jenda; you've GOT to hold together. Don't let this stupid lightshow distract you. Meditate, dammit.

I wish I had my lightsaber.

Emperor's black bones, I miss Issan.
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Welcome [ profile] devafall to the ATSA family. Wave at him, and shit.

Deva, this journal is mostly IC news, a few scenes, etc. It'll at least give you an idea of what's going on in the game. I'll send you other stuff when I can.
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ATSA is on indefinate hiatus.

I'd like to say we'll be back, but I'm not positive.
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"Good evening, I'm Gavriel Kier. Welcome to this edition of HoloNet news.

"Sources in the New Republic military have confirmed the utter destruction of the private corporate vessel Pride of Mir'ra this afternoon. All hands were lost. This marks the end of the last of the Duro corporations still extant after the fall of Duro. We could not find the CEO of the Mir'ra Corporation, Gen'ra Dassid, for comment.

"The first vote for New Republic chief of state was held today. Senator Fyor Rodan led the field with thirty-five percent of the vote. Following him were Cal Omas with twenty-eight percent, Ta'laam Ranth with eighteen percent, and Cola Quis with ten percent. Councillor Pwoe received a total of three votes, and followed the voting by sending a message to Mon Calamari declaring the vote illegal, and himself Chief of State. Our legal experts unanimously call his statement 'absurd beyond reason.'

"Cal Omas had this to say about charges that Jedi Master Luke Skywalker is using Senator Omas' plans for a new Jedi Council to take charge of the Government:

"Let me point out that if Luke Skywalker was after power, he wouldn't have needed to destroy the Death Star, or fight Emperor Palpatine hand to hand, or help his sister found the New Republic. All Master Skywalker would have needed to do would have been to join his father, Darth Vader, at the right hand of the Emperor, and in that case his power would be unlimited, and you and I and everyone here would either be dead or enslaved.

"This isn't some little jumped-up lobbyist or politician we're talking about, this is Luke Skywalker. There isn't a single person in the New Republic who doesn't owe him a profound debt of gratitude. So if anyone suggests that Luke Skywalker is involved in some kind of shabby power play, I'd suggest that person not only can't read history, but is incapable of reading human character."

The crowd cheers and applauds -- and not all of them are carrying "Cal Omas for Chief" signs.

"For the HoloNet News Network, I'm Gavriel Kier."
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TO: CEO Dassid, House Mir'ra
From: New Republic HQ
Origin 10101011051101010102324141010.0101561014421010

We regret to inform you that your vessel, Pride of Mir'ra, was found derelict in the Aldress system two days ago. No lifesigns were detected; scouts reported no living crew. Wounds on deceased crew consistent with Yuuzhan Vong weaponry.

Request instructions regarding disposition of remains. Inventory of dead follows.

The inventory is the full crew compliment. Some are named, some are listed as Unrecognizable. It appears no one survived. Datastores are trashed, ship's memory is gone.
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The tatoos are described here:

Training complete, you proceed to the Shapers' domain, and they tattoo the marks of Warrior Caste around your eyes, the tiny swirls and arcs of deep blue ink marking you forevermore as a proud warrior of the Yuuzhan Vong.

From your post. She does not have those removed.
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Splinter shots are a sucky rule. But JD Wiker, our lovely man at the "Jedi Counseling" section of the SWRPG website, had this to say:

Q: Splinter shots, from page 54 of The New Jedi Order Sourcebook, seem completely useless. There is no benefit that my players or I can find to using them. They don't do any extra damage, and they can't damage hull points, so, as near as we can tell, they're worse than regular shots, which do the same amount of damage but can damage hull points.

A: I've actually been examining this issue recently with another player, and after much discussion, here's what we came up with: You take the splinter shots as a full-round action, as though you were making a full attack. If the splinter shots penetrate the dovin basal "shields," you can immediately switch over to full power and fire an ordinary shot -- potentially, more than one.

The number of shots it took to penetrate the dovin basal's shields determines how many "real" shots you get. If it takes more than one attack roll to penetrate the dovin basal's shields, you only get one attack at full power. If it only takes one attack roll to penetrate the dovin basal's shields, you get to make a full attack (as though you'd been doing that all along).

This system would avoid the "Why not just shoot at full power?" issue, because this way you're not wasting "real" damage on penetrating the shields. (If you can't penetrate them with splinter shots, it's a moot point anyway.) Gunners with only one attack won't particularly benefit, since their "full attack" sequence is still just one shot.

If a ship making a splinter shot attack is in pursuit of another ship, and the splinter shots get through, the pursuing ship may make a single attack as a free action, as per the usual rules for pursuit.

Here's another thing: The spot in the RCRB which says, on page 65, that characters multiclassing get only ONE of the starting feats, is INCORRECT. Multiclassing characters are supposed to receive ALL of the starting feats. Please remember to adjust your sheets on Saturday if there is anything you're missing (which is unlikely, but possible).

This was fixed in the second print run, but I don't know which you have.
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OK, here's the deal:

Game, Saturday, my place, 6pm. My home will be open way earlier than that, but call me -- I am thinking of breakfast/lunch in Midtown or elsewhere Saturday (I'd kinda like to get out a bit).

Now. Someone please ask Kyle if he plans to join this weekend -- if he does, I have a way to introduce him; if he'd rather do it later (I'm still unsure if Jamie will be here then), that's ok, too. I'd prefer he play a Jedi or a Jensaarai, but I'll allow any race/class, provided it isn't game-killing (like BoneCarvers).
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Hahaha, I just talked to a customer named 'Kegan' and I had to transfer him, and briefly forgot his name, and then when I looked on the ticket and saw him, I'm thinking 'Crackwhore' and I busted up laughing in the poor other agent's ear.
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Game tonight per Elli's request. 6pm start. Can anyone snag Aaron from work on the way down? Or, well, a side trip.
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The following was received just before you all went into Hyperspace after leaving Coruscant. You can assume you watched it in transit

A blonde human woman with a cultured Chandrilan1 accent appears in the holo-field.

"Good evening, and welcome to this edition of the HoloNet News Network's War Coverage Update. I'm Gavriel Kier.

"New Republic Defense Forces continue to garrison the re-taken world of Borleias. Sources say the fleet, commanded by General Wedge Antilles, one of the Heroes of the Rebellion and several other actions since the founding of the New Republic, is planning to hold Borleias at all costs. We at the HoloNet News Network say 'May the Force be with them.'"

Gavriel turns to the side. "The Hapan Consortium, still rebuilding after the loss of fully half its Fleet in the disaster at the Fondor Shipyards, is in mourning today. Teneniel Djo, Queen Mother since her marriage to Prince Isolder 25 years ago2, has died of an extended illness. Her daughter, the Jedi Knight Tenel Ka, has been crowned Queen Mother. The young Queen's first act was to announce her Fleet is at full strength once more, due to a clandestine plan her mother had set into action in the days after the Battle of Fondor. She further announced more future cooperation with the New Republic in the war against the Yuuzhan Vong.

"We'll be back with more in 12 hours. For the HoloNet News Network, I'm Gavriel Kier."

1: British.
2: That would place the marriage at 2 years after the Battle of Endor. The Hapan Consortium, remember, is Matriarchal in nature. The Queen rules, the Prince is basically the means to become Queen. Tenel Ka now rules alone until and unless she finds a mate and produces an heir. What this will mean for her feelings for Jacen Solo, who knows?
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I wonder if you guys have caught this, but . . .

You just passed the "Empire" ending point. It's darkest now. So, logically, soon it's going to get happy again. Right?



May. 20th, 2003 11:19 am
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Hey. When Kyle arrives here in a few weeks, I'm ok with him joining my game, provided he wants to.

Just saying.
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Star Wars: The New Jedi Order
Episode XV

"Within the Silent City"
Part I: "Vastly Outnumbered . . . "

For more than twenty thousand years, Coruscant was the shining jewel of the Republic. Even the reign of the Empire couldn't dull the shine of that glorious world. But now, the glittering jewel has fallen. The New Republic's government is in disarray, various factions squabbling for control of the military and the government itself.

In the middle of all this is General Wedge Antilles, commander of the forces currently holding Borleias. The High Council has commanded him to hold Borleias against the Yuuzhan Vong -- an obvious suicide mission. Knowing his force is meant to be sacrificed to save others, Wedge has assembled a crack team of soldiers determined to beat the odds and win through -- with minimal loss of life. But to succeed where even the Council wishes him to fail, he needs information.

Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, as well as many of the other Jedi*, has sensed something evil -- something that reeks of the Dark Side of the Force -- and Masters Skywalker, Durron, Jade, and Cet'ri sense it comes from the fallen world of Coruscant.

Lost Souls Squadron is being sent on a reconnaissance mission to that shattered world. Disguised as Yuuzhan Vong, they will infiltrate the dead world and try to locate the source of the evil they sense . . . and then get offworld. All while avoiding detection and capture by the Yuuzhan Vong that now occupy Coruscant's surface.

May the Force be with them.

*Yes, you Force-sensitives (all of you, basically) feel it, but only Kal has an awareness of where it's coming from. All others sense only a disturbance somewhere).

Tonight: May 9th, 6pm (or whenever everyone gets there)
Procure munchies and/or drinks previous to arrival, please. We'll be tight on time and I'd like to get started ASAP.

I'll be providing both a Chicago style and a vegetarian pizza.

If you're planning on being late, please let me know.
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