Feb. 13th, 2003

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“ . . . In short, Senator Akala, I cannot divert the Third Fleet elements to your world. I understand the fear of your constituents, but the entirety of the New Republic Defense Forces are currently guarding targets much more at risk than Giva. I—pause recording.” Borsk Fey’lya looked up at the human who had just entered his offices. “Have a seat, General Tomas.”
The General remained standing, his face grave. “I’m sorry to report, sir, that Reecee has fallen. There is a Yuuzhan Vong fleet massing there as well as Borleias.”
Fey’lya’s eyes wandered to the holomap of the galaxy that hovered over his desk. As each world had fallen to the Yuuzhan Vong invaders, its representation had turned red. Too many red lights blinked in that tiny model, too many worlds had fallen to the enemy. “They’ve got us in a pincer.”
“Yes, sir.”
“Send out the recall message.” That pre-arranged message would recall several fleet elements in nearby space. When the Vong reached Coruscant, they’d find over half the New Republic Fleet waiting for them.
As General Garv Tomas left to follow his orders, Borsk rose and went to his window, thinking. Even if the NRDF managed to repel the invaders, billions would die. If they failed to protect the capital, then billions more would die. In any case, Borsk knew one thing. His career was over. He’d played the best game of dejarik1 he could, and he’d been bested. But there was still one final move to make.
Fey’lya moved to the communications console, turning his face away from the window as he did so. “Doctor Imala, please come to my office.”

*dejarik is that chess-like game played by Chewbacca and Threepio in the first SW movie. It's quite popular even "today"


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