May. 2nd, 2003

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Saturday the 24th is supposed supposed to be an ATSA Game night.

Um . . . no. There will be no game that night, because I want to go out for my birthday that night and if we game, we're shafting Terri.

I have considered just rescheduling it for later in the weekend, but to be honest, I'd prefer to just skip that week.

Since those absolute bastards Gregory, Matt, and Aaron will be gone the weekend of the 17th, and Elli will be gone the weekend of the 31st, it looks like we'll just end up having a ridiculously long break in which lots will happen behind the scenes. You poor sonsabitches.

You MIGHT be able to convince me to run on Sunday the 25th, but I'm kinda wonky about it. I'm still up for Elli's game on the 23rd, however.
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Ok, fine, you heathen bastards.

I'll run on the 25th, Sunday. Since all the players have Monday off, it can be either day or night, player majority decides.

And Matt, I'm holding you to the Chipotle. ;)
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BTW, Elli -- find me a picture of Kasche. I've long since forgotten what he's supposed to look like. I have my own idea, but hell, you created him, so find me one. Or give me leave to do it myself, and be prepared for a radical departure.


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