Feb. 27th, 2003

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I have decided NOT to do the Universe-hopping plot I'd thought of doing, for the sole reason that it will muck with the plot too much. I don't mean the plot as told in the books, I mean the plot of my story.

See, I'm not sure it's even sunk in to the players yet, let alone the characters, but the PCs' world has collapsed. Allow me to talk to you as if you're the PCs for a moment. ;)

Your government is in shambles; your leader dead. The New Republic Defense Force is spread all over hell and back. The Jedi are dropping like flies. Worlds have fallen -- not just taken, but fallen. Starships full of refugees were slammed into Coruscant.

Billions of people escaped Coruscant before it fell. But billions more are left there, hiding, scrambling for their lives in a city that is falling apart, hunted by implacable foes who wish to enslave or kill them.

And in the middle of all this . . . is you.

For me to leave that story even for a few sessions would, in my opinion, rob it of all context, and rob the characters of all that opportunity to shine, to grow, and to be the heroes they are meant to be.

Also, it's a little too close to Elli's game. The universe-hopping can wait until much later, If ever.


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