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Star Wars: And All the Stars, Afire
Episode XXVIX: "Midnight In the Silent Cities"

The recent events of the war have been hellish. However, since the fall of Coruscant and the battle of Borleias, the war has reached a pause. The New Republic takes this breathing space to attempt to elect a new Chief of State, and the members of Lost Souls Squadron take some well-earned rest before they begin the search for their missing member, Jedi Master Kasche Sarat. Issan Los has been returned to herself, shedding the Yuuzhan Vong-implanted personality of Shadra Tokk and once more taking her place among the Jedi. Military command of the Squad has been placed in Major Dassid, a position that does not sit well with him. Jedi Master Kal Cet'ri and Jedi Knight Keilara Vantuk have left the squadron to find a new path in the Galaxy, as their love for each other grows.

But in the dark places of the galaxy, things are beginning to stir that make even the Yuuzhan Vong threat pale in comparison. And this new threat will claim the life of at least one of the squad.

I'm not real happy with that blurb, but oh well -- it's the best I can do right now.

Date: 13 September 2003
Place: Terri's and my home, which is nameless so far.
WHEN: 5pm-Whenever we're too tired

If Colin and Chris can make it, GREAT. It'll be a good time to introduce them to the story. If they can't, that's ok, I can work them in at any time. I'm just that good.

Colin, Chris: If you intend to attend, let's get together soon and hash out/finalize characters.


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