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Your teacher and friend

Your other primary teacher, and ex-mercenary, Kyle Katarn

This is all you know about the Jensaarai, really:

The Jensaarai, upon obtaining the title of Defender, craft a special kind of body armor that is symbolic to their dedication to the way of the Jensaarai Defenders. A standard suit of body armor serves as a basic template for the armor's design, and from there the armor becomes as much of a part of the Jensaarai as any appendage. Spun cortosis fibers are carefully woven, using a combination of the Force as well as conventional tools, into a protective layer covering most of the outer portion of the armor. Once the basic shell has been coated with cortosis, the armor is then molded into the form of an animal that most exemplifies the Defender's dedication to the Jensaarai's cause. The majority of these designs are defensively-minded; most animals chosen are those that do not attack outright, but rather hide away and only attack if provoked beyond avoidance. The crafting of the armor is as much an art form as crafting a lightsaber, with an equal amount of Force dedication and skill required to complete the task.

There's a couple of powers and some skills/feats you have access to that I'll tell you about when we write up your character (I don't want others knowing what you can do yet; they've never met a Jensaarai other than Ismuth, and he didn't have them).

I also have the explanation why you know nothing about your Jensaarai clan:

Way back when, a young Jensaarai Defender, the son of the Saarai-kaar, went to the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader, to pledge his aid in wiping out the Jedi, still believing that it was the Jedi who were evil, and that Lord Vader was seeking to purge their evil from the Galaxy. Though they shared a few points of common philosophy, Lord Vader murdered the young man outright and sent his Jedi hunters to Susevfi to wipe out the Jensaarai, seeing them as a potential threat.

Your guardian fled with you, but your family was wiped out by the hunters, and you never got to know them. Weep for yourself. ;) You were trained in the fighting styles and armor/lightsaber creation skills, but not in the history of the Jensaarai. I'll give you more details later. :) Or not ... I like to hide things about characters' pasts and then spring them on them. :)


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So noted. And agreed. :) Thank you.


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