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"Good evening, I'm Gavriel Kier. Welcome to this edition of HoloNet news.

"Sources in the New Republic military have confirmed the utter destruction of the private corporate vessel Pride of Mir'ra this afternoon. All hands were lost. This marks the end of the last of the Duro corporations still extant after the fall of Duro. We could not find the CEO of the Mir'ra Corporation, Gen'ra Dassid, for comment.

"The first vote for New Republic chief of state was held today. Senator Fyor Rodan led the field with thirty-five percent of the vote. Following him were Cal Omas with twenty-eight percent, Ta'laam Ranth with eighteen percent, and Cola Quis with ten percent. Councillor Pwoe received a total of three votes, and followed the voting by sending a message to Mon Calamari declaring the vote illegal, and himself Chief of State. Our legal experts unanimously call his statement 'absurd beyond reason.'

"Cal Omas had this to say about charges that Jedi Master Luke Skywalker is using Senator Omas' plans for a new Jedi Council to take charge of the Government:

"Let me point out that if Luke Skywalker was after power, he wouldn't have needed to destroy the Death Star, or fight Emperor Palpatine hand to hand, or help his sister found the New Republic. All Master Skywalker would have needed to do would have been to join his father, Darth Vader, at the right hand of the Emperor, and in that case his power would be unlimited, and you and I and everyone here would either be dead or enslaved.

"This isn't some little jumped-up lobbyist or politician we're talking about, this is Luke Skywalker. There isn't a single person in the New Republic who doesn't owe him a profound debt of gratitude. So if anyone suggests that Luke Skywalker is involved in some kind of shabby power play, I'd suggest that person not only can't read history, but is incapable of reading human character."

The crowd cheers and applauds -- and not all of them are carrying "Cal Omas for Chief" signs.

"For the HoloNet News Network, I'm Gavriel Kier."

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Yay, absud beyod reason!


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